6 Innovative Corporate Training Programs, Ideas – Power Sessions

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6 Innovative Corporate Training Programs, Ideas – Power Sessions

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Looking for most innovative Corporate Training Programs / Ideas / Modules ? Bored of Same Old Corporate Trainings and Corporate Trainers?

Power Sessions by HR Consultant and Corporate Trainer Vikas Vats are filled with abundance of Energy, Enthusiasm, Fun and Learning. These are 2-hour High Voltage Sessions on very innovative and Impactful topics, leave a lifelong impact on the participants. These sessions give audience immediate actionable points to start working on. 

Some of the most sought topics for power sessions are…

1. Power of Habits:

Motivation can only get you started it, is the Habit which keeps you going.   This session trains participants on how to convert any learning into habits.  Almost all Learning & Development experts complain that the impact of corporate training programs by most corporate trainers last only for few days, the reason being employees don’t know the art of converting the learning into habits and they are not able to continue with new learnt behaviours for long time. 

Innovative Corporate Training Programs Ideas
Innovative Corporate Training Programs Ideas

Once they learn how to develop habits, they can make maximum use of all training programs they would attend henceforth.  In this session participants learn

  • Why habits are important how they are formed and structured in the brain
  • How to develop new habits
  • How to delete habits
  • How to modify habits. 
  • They also learn that our 96% behaviour are our habits that includes excellence performance efficiency punctuality wastage keeping goals and targets and achieving them.
  • Most surprising learning is even thinking is a habit – they learn how to think right. 
  • He session includes live demonstration of immediate change of habits.

2. Using the Unlimited Power of Subconscious Mind:

This is highly practical and mesmerizing power session.  The session is not about understanding the power of subconscious mind this is all about USING the abundant power of subconscious mind.

The session is filled with numerous live examples where participants are shown and trained on how they can use the power of the subconscious mind to achieve any goal and target for themselves or the organisation. 

They are trained on how they can keep themselves and others always motivated ( Seld Motivation on Demand ) and achieve whatever they can imagine.  The session is an interesting amalgamation of Quantum Physics, Psychology, And Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta.

3. Invest In Yourself

This is very innovative session to put participants in the habit of investing in themselves. This is highly eye-opening session and gives participants entirely new way of thinking about their career and organisational growth.

Participants understand that they are a product, a brand and they are selling themselves in the market. And that puts them in continuously need to invest TEEM into themselves. The session puts the participants on the route to lifelong learning. This is extremely beneficial session for the organisations who wish to develop a culture of learning among the employees and convert the organisation into a learning organisation.

Wonderful results of the session where number of participants immediately decided to invest TEEM into themselves and decided to invest a fixed percentage of their income in themselves for their development.

4. Spirituality Quotient for Leaders:

Highly innovative and wonderful amalgamation of Quantum Mechanics, Genetics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Geeta  And Vedas.  The session is for Senior Leadership team to take their spirituality quotient to entirely extreme Orbit. 

The session removes all Psychological Complexes, Egos and help create a wonderfully Balanced Personality.  Once leaders are comfortable with themselves, they automatically are comfortable with others and the environment. The session also trains them on how they can influence others by having a spiritual personality and impactful aura ( an electromagnetic field as per faraday law ). 

They also learn how just by thinking they can impact followers and bring culture change in the organisation. 

5. Result Oriented Communication Skills

Highly pragmatic sessions where the results are palpable and can be seen immediately after the session.  Meant for junior and middle management or supervisors.  Ten easy to understand communication skills based on neuroplasticity   with use cases and practical examples.  

Most Innovative Corporate Training Program Module
Most Innovative Corporate Training Program Module

The participants shall immediately be able to influence others get the work done, develop friendly, relations with other, avoid conflicts, and achieve goals and targets. The most important learning participants get is how they can make others willing to help them or work for them and how they can become more likeable. Better relations among the team members impact efficiency of the team and goal achievement.

The impact of this innovate session is more than a 2 day corporate training program.

6. Conscious Parenting for or Busy Professionals:

Extremely useful topic for HR departments to create a buzz in the organisation and show that they care. After dozens of Soft Skills Training Programs, this is something different that HR Department of any Corporate can do. An employee who is stress-free at home will of course be more productive at work.

The parenting these days cannot be by default rather it has to be by design or as we call conscious parenting.  All parenting nightmares of the participants are taken care in just 2 hours.  Everything from Eating Problems, Stubbornness, Tantrums, Teenage Problems, Studies, Motivation, Relationship, Peer Pressure, Sanskars, Social Media Impact is covered and participants are highly thankful and obliged to HR department for organising such a useful session. 

Parents with children of all age groups can attend the session and even the would-be parents. 

The Power Sessions give a unique dimension to Corporate Trainings. After 18 years of experience as Corporate Trainer and HR Consultant, Vikas Vats has developed these sessions for immediate impact.

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