Who is VV

Who is VV ? Discover the Visionary Behind VV

Vikas Vats, fondly known as VV, is a renowned executive coach, HR and Business Consultant, and corporate trainer with a profound impact on the professional development landscape. With over two decades of experience, VV has successfully transformed the careers of countless individuals and enhanced organizational efficiency across diverse industries.

Founder of Influential Organizations

VV’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond his consultancy. He is the founder of California University of Management, Science & Technology, HR Association India, HR Distinction Awards, VATS Consulting, Global Legends Awards, Tech & Innovation HR Awards and the World HR Federation. These organizations have set new benchmarks in their respective fields, impacting thousands of professionals globally.


VV’s Journey of Excellence

VV’s journey began with a strong educational foundation and a passion for human resource management. His expertise extends beyond traditional HR practices, incorporating innovative methodologies that drive real business results. As the founder of Vats Consulting, VV offers tailored coaching programs, strategic HR solutions, and leadership development initiatives that are second to none.

Who is VV : Accolades and Awards

VV’s excellence has been acknowledged through numerous awards and recognitions. He has received over 100 prestigious awards and has facilitated hundreds of individuals in achieving national and international recognition through the HR Distinction Awards and other platforms. His commitment to excellence has helped countless professionals reach pinnacle success in their careers.

Who is VV : AstroScience by VV

In addition to his corporate achievements, VV is a celebrated astrologer. With over 400 years of documented family experience in astrological consultation, VV combines his passion for astrology with his professional expertise, offering unique insights that help individuals navigate life’s challenges and achieve their goals.

Pioneering Corporate Consulting Interventions by VV

Under VV’s leadership, Vats Consulting has become synonymous with excellence in corporate training. His training programs are designed to address contemporary challenges faced by organizations, including employee engagement, leadership development, and change management. VV’s unique approach ensures that participants not only learn but also apply practical skills to achieve measurable outcomes.

Empowering Through Knowledge with VV

VV is also a distinguished speaker and author. His insightful sessions on management principles, drawn from ancient wisdom like the Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, provide a modern-day perspective that resonates with today’s professionals. VV’s books and workshops have inspired over 300,000 professionals, making a lasting impact on their personal and professional lives.

Global Recognition and Influence of VV

VV’s contributions to the field have been widely recognized. He has been featured in leading industry publications and continues to be a sought-after speaker at international conferences. His innovative strategies and deep understanding of human dynamics have positioned him as a thought leader in HR and corporate training.

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