Vikas Vats

India's Most Sought HR Consultant, Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer

Founder: HR Association India


Founder: HR Distinction Awards

HRD Awards

Founder: VATS Consulting


Founder: World HR Federation


Founder HRVC Awards

HRVC Awards

Founder Tech & Innovation HR Awards

T&I HR Awards
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Executive Coach Vikas Vats

Versatile Experience in HR Consulting

Executive Coaching, Corporate Training with Impact Assessment Competency Based Training Programs HR Audit HR Analytics Audit, Training, Implementation Competency / Competency Rubric / Competency Framework Development KPI / KRA Development Employee Engagement Survey / 360 / Happiness / Stress Surveys Assessment Centers / Psychometrics Learning Journeys All HR Tech / Software HR Trainings Leadership Pipeline Development Mentoring System Development & Implementation Downsizing Advising Diversity / Inclusion Projects Culture Change / OD / Change Management Engagement Programs

Vikas Vats is India’s most Sought HR Consultant, Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer and Keynote Speaker

Corporate Training
Corporate Training by Vikas Vats in Gurgaon Gurugram
Corporate Training by Vikas Vats at Delhi


World Marketing Summit 2020 Only Indian Keynote Speaker in the Summit

HR Summit Malaysia

Representing Indian HR Fraternity

Corporate Training Programs and Motivational Speaking

Some Select Vikas Vats’s Programs as Keynote Speaker, Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer

Speaking on Engaging Employees for HR Tech Initiatives

Keynote Address on Future of HR

Moredating the Session at Media HR Summit

When Participants come to your Hut during Off Site for Extra Gyan

Discussing HR Competencies in VUCA World

Keynote Address at at HR Distinction Awards

Chairing the Session at HR in Capital Summit

Motivational Session for HR Fraternity

Training Program on Enterpreneurship

Corporate Training on Flagship Program “Master Skills”

Corporate Training on “HR Analytics”

NLP Training Program

CHRO to CEO – Flagship Program for HR Leaders

Corporate Training on Leaders Development

Team Building Training during Off Site Training

Team Leadership Training during OUtbound Training

Speaking on Engaging Employees for HR Tech Initiatives

Speaking on Engaging Employees for HR Tech Initiatives

Speaking on Engaging Employees for HR Tech Initiatives

Speaking on Engaging Employees for HR Tech Initiatives

Vikas Vats is the Celebrity keynote Speaker in HR Conferences Pan India.

HR Futures SummitHR Futures Summit

HR Town Hall

Media HR Summit Mumbai

Emerging HR Summit Gurgaon

The Future of HR by Indian television

Emerging HR Summit Mumbai

At Business World Cover Story

FICCI Education Employment Summit

Start-Up Boot camp

With All Fellow Speakers at HR Distinction Awards

Corporate Training Vikas Vats has Conducted

Vikas Vats has conducted ovet 1,900 Corporate Training programs on over 40 topics spoken over 15,000 hrs for over 3,50,000 employees.

Presently He Conducts Training only on Select Topics, Rest are taken care by his Team.

The Corporate Training he has conducted include…

Corporate Training 1

1. Discover Your Hidden Potential 2. Enhancing Interpersonal Effectiveness 3. All About Leadership 4. Building a Winning Team 5. Enhancing Time Intelligence 6. Innovative Decision Making 7. Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body 8. MUSTs of Investment Management 9. Navchetana – Blue Collar 10. Managing Change for Growth 11. Winning Communication Skills 12. MBTI Testing and Training 13. The Art and Science of Selling 14. Negotiate to Win 15. Train the Trainer 16. Relationship Management 17. Enhancing Managerial Skills 18. Assertiveness Training 19. Enhance Your Adversity Quotient 20. Effective Parenting for Working Professionals

Corporate Training 2

 21. Customer Sensitivity 22. Stress Management 23. Adventures with Self 24. Work life Balance 25. Enhancing Emotional Intelligence 26. Tame the Stress Monster 27. Neuro-Linguistic Programming 28. Hire Assets Not Liabilities 29. Psychometrics for HR Professionals 30. Making Effective Presentations 31. Imparting Result Oriented Training 32. Facing Challenges together 33. Towards Professionalism 34. Developing Change Agents 35. Organizations are built on Conflicts 36. Customer is the King – CRM 37. 5S : An Experiential Tour 38. Inventory Management 39. Supply-chain Management 40. Logistic Management 41. Purchase Management

Innovative & Flagship Programs

1. The Master Skills

2. Invest in YourSelf 3. Corporate NLP 4. Taping the Power Of Habits 5. Use the Power of Your Subconscious Mind 6. Time Intelligence

7. Discover Your Hidden Potential – Motivational Training

HR Training Programs

1. HR Analytics Course

2. Competency Mapping

3. Assessments in HR

4. Competency based L&D

5. Coordinating Result guaranteed Training Program

6. Psychometrics for HR Professionals

7. Gamification for HR

Welfare Training Programs

Dozens of Programs for Employees, their Spouses, Children, and other Engagement Programs. Contact us for details please.

Training, Speaking, Social Work – Good Work Get Great Recognition

Vikas Vats is probably the most decorated Corporate Trainer in India. He has Received over 50 Awards and has Awarded over 300 Awardees

Corporate Training ? Corporate Trainer ? HR Consultant ?

Why Corporate Seeking Competitive Advantage prefer Vikas Vats

As Corporate Trainer Vikas Vats has unique advantage of being Expert in very diverse fields, providing him with the advantage of relating with employees of all levels / types / kinds / functions. He is expert in Psychology, HR, Management, Andragogy, NLP, Quantum Mechanics, Religions, Geeta, Sanskrit, Analytics, Astrology, IT, Computer Programming and much more.

Power Sessions

Power Sessions are Super High Voltage 1,5 hr to 2 hr Crisp Sessions on Topics Vital for Busy Professionals in Corporate. Full of Energy, Unforgetable , Result Oriented Sessions with Focused Take Aways.

Contact Team VATS for Complete List of Corporate Power Sessions.

Corporate Training

VATS’s  uniques 18 Diamentional Value Added Training System make him Most Effective and Impact Assured Corporate Trainer. This System amalgamates his 20 Years of Experience and he has trained over 8000 Trainers on this through TTT’s and TOMT’s.

Do Contact Team VATS for a taste of his training / demo on 18D System.

Learning and Development Interventions

Looking for L&D Intervention with Impact Assessment ? VATS has a perfect system for that including Diagnosis, Theme Developent, Content Development, Trainers Onboarding, LMS, Pre Training Sensitization, Instructor Led Training, Fromative & Summative Feedbacks, PDCA, Post Training Engagements, Learning Champions, Impact Assessment and Final Report Submission. We got Gold Award for one for our L&D Intervention at one major Client in Steel.

HR Consulting – You Need Vats If …

Keynote Speaking

 Invite Vikas Vats to your Corporate Event, Conference, Sales Meet, HR Meet, Dealers Meet etc for Motivating, Fun and Learning Oriented Sessions.

Areas Vats Covers in HR Consulting

HR Consulting Areas by Vikas Vats

Corporate Training, HR Consulting, Sales Consulting Clients

Some of Our Select Clients… The list is Growing Each Month.

Our Sincere thanks to our clients for believing in us. Our first and second clients, 18 Years Back, are giving us maximum revenue todays. This is called a Win Win Partnership.

Over 200 Corporate Training Jobs

Awesome Team Vats

Dreaming BIG and Achieving BIG is only possible when you have Team Awesome on your side. All Members make sure that working in the Team Vats is Fun, Challenging and Full of Learning. We dont follow any Hierarchy, enjoy each other’s Growth and believe ” I am Accountable “

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