Best Motivational Speakers – 11 Techniques for Lasting Impact

Best Motivational Speakers – 11 Techniques for Lasting Impact

May 14, 2020 Corporate Trainer Corporate Training 3
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11 Techniques for Best Motivational Speakers for Lasting Impact :-

Best motivational speakers in India or even world-wide are many times not able to create the impact that lasts forever in this article I would explain what is the Psychology and Physiology of Motivation and how a long-lasting impact through Motivational Speaking can be obtained.

Most of the time the motivational speakers are able to Motivate the participants for a while but this impact is not long lasting. The solution to this problem lies in understanding how exactly motivation works, the Physiological Changes motivation brings in human brain and how to sustain the changes for a longer duration.

Even the best motivational speakers are able to motivate their audience only for a small duration because they are able to who create the Self-Motivation through Powerful Speaking, Verbal Intimidation, Showing a Vision, Inspirational Stories or Mythological References.  All of these techniques increase the levels of Motivational Neurotransmitter DOPAMINE in the audience’s brain. But unfortunately, this increased level of Dopamine is temporary and very soon it will go back to its normal. 

 That’s why organisations always complain that the impact of Even Best Motivational Speakers is not long lasting and they cannot measure it in long term to calculate the ROI.

This is something we now know for sure that motivation is just the impact of neurotransmitters in the brain and this is a physiological state which can be infused again and again or can be maintained for longer duration if the right Tools and Techniques are used.

To keep the motivation long-lasting, we need to impact three major neurotransmitters in human brain Dopamine, Serotonin and Norepinephrine.  in the picture below you can see why these are important and what impact do they bring in the overall personality of a person.

If somebody is motivated, that only means that the dopamine levels are high.  Dopamine is also responsible for having a Vision and Creative Thinking, but to Execute any vision or creative Idea you require Execution Excellence which comes from Norepinephrine. So, if the audience is motivated by Motivational Speaker but they don’t have required levels of Norepinephrine to execute what they actually want to do, they will not be able to do it. 

For Execution, the audience need very well-defined journey starting from “what to do next” to how to reach the destination and how to achieve your vision.  Which can be easily understood as- most of us are motivated to do lot of things like getting up earlier in the morning, going for a walk, doing some courses, reading every day for 30 minutes, reducing weight, doing yoga etc, But we are not ABLE to do it. Having a vision for ideas and executive them are governed by entirely different parts of the brain therefore if by motivational speaking we impact only one of them then the other remains unaffected and we do not get long lasting result


Not only Motivation, Many other personality traits are also effected by our hormones / neurotransmitters. The picture below might interest you..

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In my Motivational Speaking I have used multidisciplinary approach including Adult Learning Psychology, Physiology and Neuro Linguistic Programming to develop a holistic learning system and not only to help participants by motivating them but also to help them  maintain this motivation forever.

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Some of the techniques Me and My Team have been using very successfully are…

  1. Motivating the audience by Motivational Speakers and giving them NLP based tools so that they can self-motivate themselves every day or whenever required, within seconds. 
  2. Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques can also be used to impact automatically the relevant neurotransmitter by associating them with surrounding object, sounds or visual clues.  This can be used to automatically motivate the participants when they come to office, they are on their chair, they are in a particular room or whenever any particular Trigger happens.
  3. After Motivational Training, various platforms can be used to bring in Classical Conditioning and keep audience motivated all the time or at the trigger of a particular event or at particular time of the day, without even the Participant knowing it.
  4. For the Participants who need assistance with execution, a well-defined learning journey, associated with outcomes to be provided and continuous observation and R&R system, e.g., peer-to-peer, or assistance from organisation or speakers team shall be very helpful.
  5. Motivation is like Bathing, we require it every day. Therefore, automatic system to give motivation doses in different Audio-Visual forms always helps.
  6. Gamification is vital as dopamine level is highly affected by reward and recognition.  Giants like Facebook, LinkedIn etc take advantage of this. Technically Facebook and LinkedIn are games which we play to earn likes, shares and comments.
  7. You can also you NLP to create anchor by taking the audience in their past life when they were highly Motivated.  This is like Copying the neurotransmitter balance from those times and pasting in the present. Whenever required this work like instant motivation.  This can be voluntary or non-voluntary as the motivational speaker decides. Most Speakers make it voluntary and Participants never use it. Best way is to make it involuntary so that it triggers automatically.
  8. Participant can be trained on guided imagery techniques for on demand motivation.
  9. Audience remembers more Stories then the Gyan. Thee motivational speaker needs to create stories by his speaking which the participants can remember. The best way of doing so is by “walk the talk”. Instead of just giving pure Gyan you need to show it in Action. In one of my motivational training program on “Using the Power of your Subconscious Mind” when Participants asked questions, I was able to show them immediate results – you may like to see this video: See the Motivational Speaker Impact Video of “Power of Subconscious Mind in Action”
  10. Seeing is believing when participants see that whatever you are speaking actually work then they remember and they are more prone to work on it.When instead of just speaking you are able to solve their problems, participants remember that more and the execution of your motivational speaking automatically increases.  This is true for all age levels and social economic status. 
  11. One simple brain hacking technique is that our brain cannot differentiate between Imagination and Reality. That is the reason that some people cry while watching a sentimental film. The same principle can be used by motivational speaker to bring in in permanent changes in the neuron structure of the participants using guided imaginary. Through guided imaginary the new neural connections In the brain would be created as would be created when the participant actually do what they are imagining.

If you are a Motivational Speaker this article might help you be one of Best Motivational Speakers by making long lasting Impacts.

Using these and many more techniques a long-lasting Motivation can be best created by Motivational Speakers . This is not only useful for the audience but also fulfilling for the Speaker, when you receive thanks messages even after years.

Vikas Vats


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  1. Pankaj Tuteja says:

    Nice construct. Though I am not fully on-boarded on this idea of “bring in permanent changes in the neuron structure”, will read thru more on this. I feel that our memories are fickle, and goes back to the Normal state sooner than later. The effects of motivation can be prolonged but may not be permanent. I also liked the grid containing Personality types.

  2. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  3. Tamiflu says:

    I think the best way to motivate your employees and to keep them happy and content is communication. I ve been in the marketing business for a year now. It s a bit busy career but this never made me feel bored and unhappy because of how our employers make us feel. They talk to us normally; they give us feedbacks regularly on how we manage our work. They never made us feel inferior and stress because they communicate with us every day. And with that, employees can feel alive and part of the team. They want the salespeople and companies to communicate with each other privately. You might want to look at their site.

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