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Best Motivational Speakers – 11 Techniques for Lasting Impact

11 Techniques for Best Motivational Speakers for Lasting Impact :- Best motivational speakers in India or even world-wide are many times not able to create the impact that lasts forever in this article I would explain what is the Psychology and Physiology of Motivation and how a long-lasting impact through Motivational Speaking can be obtained.…
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May 14, 2020 3

Best Corporate Trainer and Corporate Training – 27 Hows & Whys FAQs

Corporate Training and Corporate Trainer both these terms make a lot of people ask several questions to us. Especially, the young people who wish to have a career in Corporate Training regularly ask us these questions.  We have answered all those questions below. Is Corporate Training A Good Career ? Corporate training is a wonderful…
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September 9, 2019 5

Vikas Vats’s Articles on Linkedin

Find below the links to Vikas Vats’s select articles on Linkedin… 7 Habits of Great Corporate Trainers Lesson From Geeta : You are a King and Your Mind is your Army

September 5, 2019 0

Executive Coach, HR Consultant ,Corporate Training | Vikas Vats

Founder: HR Association India Visit Founder: HR Distinction Awards HRD Awards Founder: VATS Consulting Visit Founder: World HR Federation Visit Founder HRVC Awards HRVC Awards Founder Tech & Innovation HR Awards T&I HR Awards Thanks for Visiting Vikas Vats Its Simply the EXPERIENCE that makes Vikas Vats the BEST 1,900 Days of Corporate Training 100s…
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