25 Best Corporate Trainer Tips

25 Best Corporate Trainer Tips

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Corporate Trainer 25 Best Tips

Corporate Trainers need to take care of these small but deadly mistakes to make their training programs more effective and result oriented.

To make a Corporate Training Program effective, some small steps go long way. Most of the Corporate Trainers prepare well for big things like content, design, structure, time itinerary, cases, videos, power point presentations and even jokes but those are small blunders which may ruin all the effort. Listing below some of them…

Corporate Trainer Vikas Vats
Corporate Trainer Vikas Vats, Founder VATS Consulting , HR Association India
  1. Connect your laptop with projector with right slide to show, take care that the technician of the client’s company should not connect your laptop when your some personal stuff is on the screen.
  2. Do not tell participants what to do, make them do is for example do not ask them to be energetic, ask questions , make training a two way process rather do something so that participants are filled with energy ( some activity, may be with music ), open them up and make them comfortable so that they ask questions and encourage and incentivise this, and its your responsibility to make training a two way process.
  3. Do not use words like “Right” ,”OK” again and again. This shows lack of experience and confidence and breaks the flow.
  5. Repeating Good Morning several times and the dialogue “You didn’t have breakfast today?” has outlived its effectiveness. Be innovative and think of something new and unique.
  7. Once you are in the training room act like you own the room. Do not let attendance, peon with the tea, or pen pad distribution disturb your flow.
  8. Make sure the feedback form is distributed when you want, this should not be a surprise element on participants table when you come back after second tea break. Most trainers keep some good activity for the last, so make sure you have finished with it before the feedback form
  9. You must have a look at the feedback form before your training, different companies assess different aspects of a training and in different ways. You may like to tweak your training accordingly.
  10. Keep popup windows of your laptop blocked, specially WhatsApp if your laptop would be connected with the internet. Else all messages shall be displayed on the screen
  11. Start with overall plan of the training program, give participants how the time is divided.
  12. While developing the training ask yourself what participants shall be ABLE to DO after the training, instead of what the WOULD LEARN.
  13. In your Laptop keep all required folders open in different explorer windows, if u have to use them, or copy all content in a new folder for the time being. Do not keep searching in different folder while in the training.
  14. You may use small gifts on asking questions, answering questions etc – even chocolates, motivational quotes etc. do good.
  15. Use verbal underlining essentially, if not verbal intimidation. Don’t please be monotonous, that make participants sleep.
  16. If some observer from the client ( HR etc ) is in the training room, make them sit in the last row with clear instructions a) Do not use mobile phone b) Participate in all activities.
  17. All trainers have their favorite topics and tend to go back to them. They are even able to relate those to the training topic. Focus on training topic and don’t deviate. If you follow any Guru, Cult or Spiritual Organization, don’t pl discuss those preaching.
  18. It is always good to know participant’s expectations from the training program. In my experience they many times differ from HR’s / Client’s brief.
  19. Give 10% time to define and develop the topic, 20% learning OR knowledge dissemination and rest to skill development.
  20. If you are working on big project and wish to change given presentation, ask your SPOC first.
  21. The best learning and Train the Trainer program for any corporate trainer is watching your own Videos
  22. If you shall be taking many groups in a company, try gather some internal intelligence from participants, that you can use in next groups to develop immediate empathy by showing that you are not an outsider.
  23. Slide changer is not a luxury anymore, it is must.
  24. Reach before time and do remind the client about gate pass (if required) in the morning. Getting frustrated at gate shall spoil you own motivation.
  25. Do send client a brief about you to be used while introducing you, I even send how the topic has to be introduced so that we are n the same pitch.

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